Marriage Workshop

Marriage Workshop

Rockville Church of Christ

Area-Wide Weekend Marriage Workshop

A Weekend Marriage Workshop for




Dates and Times


Friday, July 26, 2024

  • 6:00pm– 9:00pm
  • Light meal served

Saturday, July 27, 2024

  • 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Breakfast and Lunch served

Registration Deadline: June 26, 2024

          Click Here to Register Online or register by calling the Church Office at 301-279-7977.




The ReConnect Weekend is designed to bring couples closer together by focusing their attention on their relationship spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Emphasizing transformative principles, ReConnect uses a combination of lectures, short videos, small-group activities, individual couple activities, and humor. The information and interaction encourage couples with a new vision and give them tools to build a marriage that both makes them happy and honors God. 


  • Bad Wedding Vows
  • Affection and Emotional Intimacy
  • Positive Changes in Your Marriage
  • Spiritual Intimacy
  • Balancing Tiem and Priorities
  • Positive, Productive Conversations
  • Praying Together in Your Marriage
  • Enjoying Life Together
  • Understanding the Stages of Marriage
  • Putting the Past in the Past-Forgiveness
  • Sexual Intimacy
  • Addition and Subtraction in a Relationship


Additional Details



$75/couple, which includes food and miscellaneous costs.

Individuals are open to contribute additional funds via online registration, dedicated offering, or the Sunday Collection.

If you need benevolence assistance, please contact the Rockville Church of Christ Elders.


Will be available for children under 6, utilizing Rockville Church of Christ teenagers and an adult supervision on Friday evening and Saturday. However, we are asking parents to donate $20 to the Rockville Church of Christ teenagers for their childcare service.


What Couples Had to Say

  • Group exercises were fun and enjoyable.
  • We enjoyed hearing from both the husband and wife.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I have my handouts on my nightstand to remind me of what I committed to change, improve and focus on.
  • The handouts, slides and activities really reinforced the things that were said.
  • Learning concepts of praying together was very powerful and intimate.
  • Interacting with the other couple at our table was really beneficial, realizing they struggle with similar things in their marriage and parenting.  We’re not the only ones!
  • Engagement of the audience was great.
  • Loved the one-to-one spouse interaction.
  • I loved the event!  Having this locally was a real blessing to a family with young children.


Detailed Overview

ReConnect focuses on ways we as couples can increase our intimacy in each of 3 main areas, in this order – spiritual through prayers (both for and with our spouse), emotionally through affection (expressed by and during conversations and time together), and physically through touch (both non-sexual and sexual). Approaching marriage from God’s perspective, couples look at His purpose and how we can honor God in our marriages through these areas. We use a lot of Scripture, but we also let couples focus on their own marriages, making personal application with written and/or taking activities.

It begins with a “bad wedding vows” ceremony and looking at the current state of marriage in our country, which is then contrasted with what God says He intends marriage to be. Information plus action is what brings transformation – in this context mostly God’s information plus the couples’ action. We talk about the necessity of forgiveness and how to have difficult conversations as a way to protect our marriages. Throughout the weekend we lay out a few simple habit changes that they can incorporate, emphasizing intentionality in their daily habits of marriage, because feelings follow action.

The seating is two (2) couples per table, and each table becomes a small group for a few activities. There are also individual couple activities where couples can address things in a private way that they have written based on things we have discussed. On Friday, we cover the spiritual component and lay a foundation for Saturday’s topics and activities. There’s more substance on Saturday by design, to get their interest and gain their trust on Friday without overwhelming them.

Lauren and I each speak about half the time. We use humor, personal stories, and short videos to reinforce and move things along. Several short breaks with music get people up and down, maintaining the energy.


About Brother and Sister Mitchell

Working with Marriage Dynamics Institute in Franklin, TN since 1998, Owen and Lauren Mitchell have been privileged to invest in thousands of married couples and love what they do.  In addition to leading Facilitator Training Seminars to equip couples to lead Dynamic Marriage & United enrichment classes, they travel the country leading ReConnect Weekend retreats.  They know everyone has a story so they teach, equip, support, and encourage couples to make their story the best it can be.

Owen is a graduate of Freed-Hardeman University where he is a member of the Sports Hall of Fame.  With 40 years’ previous experience in Retail and Property Management, he is now a pickleball instructor and competitor. Lauren exchanged cross stitching and 20 years as an Executive Assistant for motherhood, and has volunteered at a pro-life women’s clinic since 2006.

From Eustis, Florida, the Mitchells attend Orange Avenue Church of Christ.  They are partial to home but love to hike and snorkel through God’s creation.  They love Jesus, each other, and family, and are parents of two married children and grandparents to two fun, active, sweet, smart and loud grandsons.