In additon to supporting missions through out the United States, the Rockville Church of Christ is committed to spreading the Gospel around the World. From planting new congregations, to supporting exisitng congregations, to supporting mission trips.  Below are a few of our International efforts. 



Bren and Cheryl White have helped get the Gospel to over 90 countries. They are helping to start churches of Christ in France, Quebec, the West Indies, and French Africa through an informal effort called Operation French World. In the mid-1990's they started the church in Strasbourg, France. They also train people for God's Mission through a process called Mission 1 Training. 



James "Jay" Young, and his wife, Piera, have worked across forty years as evangelists and teachers among churches of Christ in Italy, in such cities as Milan, Pordenone, Rome, Aprilia, Florence, Pisa, Pistoia, Catania, Palermo and many other cities. They continue to regularly conduct special conferences and leadership training sessions in Italy.



Our missionary in Nigeria is brother David Ayuba who conducts a busy schedule doing itinerant preaching and teaching in several congregations of churches of Christ throughout the Katsina State of Nigeria. He is constantly exposed to much danger as he works in an area where those of the Christian faith are discriminated against. Brother David regularly visits the nation of Niger.  Bordering on Nigeria's northern frontier, Niger's population is facing frightful problems among which a lack of enough nutrition.  Bordering on Niger's frontier is the area of Darfur.  Brother David is working in concert with Christians in both Nigeria and Niger to bring assistance to the persecuted people of Darfur. Please join us in praying for brother David Ayuba.