From Rayford's Desk, 04/10/22

Julie and I began praying for our children when they were very young, that they would grow up to know and love the Lord and choose to walk with him their entire lives. We followed these prayers up with trying our best to both lead the proper example for them, imperfect though we were, and to teach them in every way to love God. We also began very early praying for the husband that Shelly would choose and the wife that Michael would choose, that they would love our children with all their hearts, but just as importantly, love the Lord with all of their "heart, soul, mind and strength."

I know that I will always be Shelly and Michael's father, worry about them and their spouses and our grandchildren and pray fervently on their behalf, but when on last Saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., Michael Welch and Daisy Elliott both said "I Do", I stopped and thanked God for answering my prayers in such a special way.

It is wonderful to not only feel blessed to have welcomed Daisy into our family as our daughter-in-law and nearly eight years ago, having welcomed Drew Binkley as our son-in-law, but also to truly feel that we now have two sons and two daughters. God is so good!

Parents, pray for your children's souls, pray for their spiritual growth, pray for their success in this life and don't forget to pray for the spouses that they will one day marry.